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Love Never Dies. The 2010 Musical.

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Christine's knowledge of the Phantom's death [Aug. 15th, 2013|02:22 pm]
Love Never Dies. The 2010 Musical.


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Back when I was researching the alterations made for the Australian version, I seem to remember reading that some of the lyrics changes were supposed to have had the effect of making Christine arrive in America under the impression that the Phantom was dead -- and only learning for the first time that he was still alive when "Mr.Y" turns up in her room. (Hence, presumably, 'excusing' her for never having made any attempt to tell him of Gustave's existence?)

However, on trying to verify this, I haven't been able to re-locate any of the material I was originally reading, and I'm a bit confused as to how Christine could ever have believed him dead in the first place (since we know she was one person who definitely did see him (and touch him...) after the mob burst into his lair). Am I remembering this all wrong? Does Christine indeed know all along that the Phantom is still alive in both versions?

[User Picture]From: butterflydrming
2013-08-16 05:35 am (UTC)
She *definitely* thinks he was dead in the Australian production. In the scene where "Mr Y" appears, balcony doors blown inward as the orchestra crescendos, Christine faints when she sees him. When she comes to a few measures later, her expression is horror, dismay, and anger. "So it was all another lie/another lie to fool us all/to make your death our story's end..." is distinctly shock in his being alive.

Raoul also says, "we thought him dead!" during "Dear Old Friend."

"Beneath a Moonlit Sky" only talks about their parting, post POTO canon. In between that and LND must be some story bits assumed from Leroux, such as the obituary. (???) I don't think there is anything in (Aus DVD) LND that says *why* they thought Erik was dead.

Madam Giry says that she and Meg smuggled Erik to Calais. There seems to be a timeline problem, since I think the audience is meant to assume that the smuggling happened right after the events of POTO. The London version of LND says that "Moonlit Sky" happened the night before C and R's wedding, but that defining time was cut from the Aus production, leaving the when of that vague.
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[User Picture]From: igenlode
2013-08-16 12:56 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... in the original, Christine's reaction is (paraphrasing) 'I should have known you would be here' [i.e. on Coney Island] and 'I ought to have recognised your style in that music you sent me to learn', followed by 'How dare you interfere with my life now?' This definitely gives me (in addition to being a logical set of deductions/entirely sensible reaction!) the impression that in this timeline she knew the Phantom was still alive, but had never expected to see him again.

I always assumed (perhaps predisposed by the 1925 Lon Chaney film, which clearly had a heavy visual influence at least on ALW), that the Phantom was generally believed to have died at the end of POTO, either at the hands of the mob or in the fire which destroyed the building. After all, there had been a crescendo of activity culminating in a disaster, following which the Phantom is no longer in evidence: it would be natural to conclude that the cessation was the result of his abrupt demise. Christine's secret meeting with the Phantom took place after the fire, which would mean she knew at that point he was still alive, but that nobody else (save, apparently the Girys) did.

Raoul definitely believes him to be dead, which is one reason why he reacts so badly to Madame Giry's hint (in "Dear Old Friend") that Christine may have known all along with whom they were signing the contract. In fact Christine hasn't been deceiving him as much as he assumes... she has only known for a few hours longer than he did. (Though one has to wonder at what point she was going to tell her husband who "Mr.Y" really was; I think that perhaps, knowing the Phantom's reclusive tendencies, she was hoping to be able to get through a single performance and then leave without ever having to encounter 'the boss' publicly in person.)
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[User Picture]From: butterflydrming
2013-08-16 04:37 pm (UTC)
Listening again to the London cast this morning, yes, the scene implies that she is unsurprised that he is alive. Wow, that's a significant change that I hadn't noted! Also, the London version has her coming to America to sing at Phantasma, while in the Aus version, she is coming for the opening of the Manhattan Opera. Erik offers to triple her fee if she will sing one aria. He also threatens that something bad might happen to Gustave if she doesn't.

("Moonless" not "Moonlit"... I don't know what I was thinking...)
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