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Staging of the number "Love Never Dies" - Love Never Dies. The 2010 Musical. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Love Never Dies. The 2010 Musical.

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Staging of the number "Love Never Dies" [Aug. 23rd, 2013|09:44 pm]
Love Never Dies. The 2010 Musical.


I got onto a computer that would let me see the relevant YouTube extracts from the AV (that is, the Australian Version!), in order to see whether my inspiration for a brief backstage one-shot triggered by the revised lyrics in Act II would work: quick answer... no, not with this staging, but that doesn't necessarily rule out writing it altogether. (After all, there might theoretically be other productions with other blocking for the actors.)

But what really did come as a shock was that in this version Christine appears to sing the number "Love Never Dies" to Raoul; I'd always assumed it was a public performance in the abstract, like "Think of Me" (with heavy overtones addressed to the Phantom, who after all wrote the number and doubtless intended to be on the receiving end of all those so-appropriate sentiments). To have her instead address the specific message "Love never dies... love never alters: hearts may get broken, love endures" to her estranged husband in the wings -- in the context of the immediately-preceding scene between them and without the knowledge that in using this means of conveying reconciliation, she is with that very act dooming it -- seems little short of sadistic where both characters are concerned. No wonder he can't take it and she breaks off...