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poto_lnd's Journal

Love Never Dies. The 2010 Musical.
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The 2010 Musical and Sequel to Phantom of the Opera.

Hello, and welcome to the first and only (to our knowledge) LJ community dedicated solely to Love Never Dies. LND is Andrew Lloyd Webber's 2010 musical that will continue the story of Phantom of the Opera.

We are not officially associated with LND or ALW (look to the right for an official link to the LND site). We don't own Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, or any of the characters in the story that we've all come to love. We're just a place on LJ for fans to post news, videos, thoughts, fanart, and opinions about Love Never Dies.

It doesn't matter whether you hate the idea of LND or love it. Everybody is welcome here, and diversity of opinion is encouraged, so long as we all remain polite and respectful of our differences.

Membership is completely open, but you do need to be a member to post (anti-spam and all).

We do ask that you post only materials that are related in some way to Love Never Dies. They can be about the cast, the writers, the inspiration, or the musical itself. Fics, fanart, and icons are welcomed, too. You can also start discussion posts if you like. We request that you refrain from sharing anything of touchy legality (i.e. mp3s).

Cynicism is welcomed, but so is optimism.


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